Before time existed, the Old Ones awaited vessels that could help them awake from their slumber and enter corporal existance. The first trace of the Cult of Hastur is as old as mankind. Some of the earliest archeological evidence of worship among humans show that Hastur was a master deity to whom human sacrifice was offered. Hastur speaks with those that are chosen in their dreams. Historically, the Cult of Hastur has existed in different forms in all tribes that practice religion and is widely thought to be the inspiration for all religious creations existing today. Remember, Jesus allegedly wore a yellow cloak. Today, as before, the Cult of Hastur hide in plain existance, with the bulk of its followers in highly Christian countries such as the USA. Current headquarters in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Magnum Innominandum or the Black Goat in the Swamp is worshipped by a congregation of aggressive femme fatales with only one purpose: To entice male companions with the irresistable promise of carnal pleasure  to the degree that they willingly sacrifice their own lives to the Unspeakable after comitting the act. However, only an unspoiled body can sacrificed to Hastur –the spawn of Azatoth. The Unspeakable Soldiers also workship the Byakhee who is a messenger for the Yellow King. The Unspeakable Soldiers is one of the oldests cults in the Dead Voice congregation and is today existing in what is known as Västergötland, Sweden.

Those that have seen the true existance, can’t unsee it. The key to the gate is art. The Choir of Carcosa is practicing the Music of the Spheres incantation to lift the veil of what we think is sanity to finally reveal the truth; What we think is real is not, our dimension is just projected onto Carcosa. Those thought to be insane, have really seen Carcosa. But its vastness and unfathomable darkness make it impossible to go back once you have the knowledge. Knowledge is only achieved thourgh art. When Carcosa takes over our existance, and the Unspeakable Madness is ruling, those that were thought of as mad will laugh at those that will go mad. The Choir of Carcosa is found in all societies practicing art. For the past 2500 years the Choir of Carcosa have been based in Rome, Italy.

Ythil is an outerwordly disembodiment of Hastur and has been worshipped through nameless aeons and inconceivable dimensions. Chapter of Ythil is a cult of evil devoted to the purpose of tracking down those that oppose  Him Who Is Not To Be Namned and injuring them on behalf of the monstrous power from other dimensions. This cult is sometimes confused with the Odd Fellow order since the same clients tend to belong to both the order and the cult. The Chapter leader and his/her nearest minions live in London, UK.

the Forces of the Yellow king is a militant, aggressive installation of the cult. Their credo is to return to the old ways, where massive human sacrifice and obliteration of those opposing the thruth is the way forward. The earliest form of this branch of Hastur worship goes back to Mongolian barbarians, who raped and pillaged in the name of the Yellow King. ”Hastur, Carcosa, Ythil!” uttered in the unspeakable elderly language was their war call and is still today. The forces of the Yellow King has disciples all of the world, but is particularly active in countries that have a long and bloody history. The Forces if the Yellow King intend to take this history into the future and make way for the coming of the King in Yellow – the ruler of all emperors. Ukraine is the current stronghold for the Forces of the Yellow King.